Get Started

How it works:

  • Download and print our Video Filming PDF to make sure we get the highest quality video to analyze the stroke.
  • Choose a stroke video analysis AND/OR a package that includes race planning and execution per stroke *see below. Click on the product picture for more detailed information.
  • To analyze more than one stroke per order, add multiple packages to your shopping cart.
  • You will be redirected for payment and emailed an order confirmation that includes a link to your account where you will be prompted to upload your race or practice video clips.
  • We will review it, critique it, and send specific written feedback to the email address provided when ordering.

You can request specific feedback about stroke flaws during the checkout process. Upload the video clips from practice or swim meets and we will do the rest. It’s that easy! Turnaround time in most cases is under 24 hours.

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